At this year’s All That Matters, Eileen Ooi, Head of PHD Malaysia, spoke on the need for agencies to continuously learn in real time, just like AI-run machines. She also highlighted the need for an open-source system of agency partners to prevent further dilution of service benefits and market oversaturation.

All That Matters, Asia’s only B2B2F (Business to Business to Fan) event returned to The Ritz Carlton Millenia in Singapore. Attended by over 1,500 industry leaders, global brands and music fans from around the world, it has become the meeting point for the most influential players in the global entertainment business.

Speaking at the “Audience Data and Machine Learning-Powered Content Marketing” session, Eileen was joined by Jay Shah, CEO at OpenDNA, and Grace Ho, the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer as well as Strategy Leader (ASEAN) at IBM. Eileen represented the media industry and presented her vision to transform agencies to the next level of success.

Ooi believes that the marketing and creative world has reached a tipping point, with too many systems on the market, leading to service commoditization. If this trend continues, she believes that agencies will be taken backwards, rather than forwards. “There is an increasing need for integration, as well as the creation of an open-source system of agency partners to help marketers plug and play, allowing for adaptation to the rapid technology startup evolution.”

Eileen went on to explain, “There is an increased need for agencies to change and adapt their business model to that of machines, continuously learning in real time, using AI and dynamic data.”

Ooi is embracing this approach with her team, encouraging the adoption of advanced technologies in communications planning. She wants to act as a catalyst of change and continue driving PHD Malaysia to the forefront of innovation within the industry. With its renowned global planning platform, SOURCE, she believes PHD is in a great position to create ground-breaking campaigns that drive incremental ROI.