The Stroke Association, the UK’s leading charity dedicated to supporting people to rebuild their lives after stroke, is partnering with Channel 4 for its latest awareness campaign.

Negotiated by Omnicom Media Group’s PHD Manchester, the TV-led campaign will launch ahead of the charity’s Stroke Awareness Month in May to increase awareness of the challenges faced by stroke survivors and encourage more people to support them with their recoveries.

Dominic Brand, Executive Director of External Affairs at the Stroke Association, said: “PHD Manchester has demonstrated a passionate commitment to helping us extend the reach of our message and establishing media partnerships that will bring stroke awareness to the forefront of the national conversation.”

The partnership kicks off during Gogglebox on 26th April with a Channel 4 ad break premiere of the Stroke Association’s 60-second TV spot, created by AMV BBDO, as well a series of five-second blipverts throughout the programme.

“We’re thrilled have the opportunity to bring the Stroke Association and Channel 4 together to collaborate on this campaign,” said Joe Woolrich, Account Manager at PHD Manchester. “Gogglebox accurately reflects the interests and concerns of families in modern Britain, and with roughly 1.2 million stroke survivors in the UK, we felt that the programme was the perfect way to engage audiences in a national conversation about the wide-ranging impacts of stroke.”

The multi-channel campaign will continue to run across linear TV, VOD, YouTube and social media until the end of June.