Guest contributor, Katy Garner Foy, PHD UK’s media planner looks at what’s been happening this week, in Media Insider.

Darma is the world’s first smart cushion that monitors your INACTVITY through sensors that measure posture, sitting habits, stress levels, and uses this to coach you to sit better

Pillow Talk lets you send your heartbeat to your lover remotely – however ‘useful’ this may seem it’s an interesting use of technology connecting people in a new and different way

For the upcoming busy Christmas holiday period, Lowe’s Innovation Labs are placing customer service robots (dubbed OSHbots) into a home improvement store in San Jose, California. So if you’re sick of roaming store aisles in vain searching for that specific tool or screw, try asking a robot for help! They’re permanently cheery and helpful, even on New Year’s day

Don’t throw away your used AA battery, it still has up to half the power inside it. Suck out the rest of that power with Battery Vampire and reuse it instead! Who knew!!?? They did. Makes you question what else most of us don’t realise about even the most established technology!

Sick of the smog of London life? The BB. Suit 0.2 is a new prototype 3D-knitted onesie that can purify the air around its wearer. Sexy?

CSEM has developed the world’s first white solar panels – they are specifically designed to blend into buildings instead of just hiding out of the way, PLUS these panels even work better than the old darker version. Until now, solar energy has been associated with blue-black photovoltaic panels that cover buildings and devices with a dark monotone hue. Well, not anymore. Look out for these coming to a building / bus / billboard near you any day now