Guest contributor, Katy Garner Foy, PHD UK’s media planner looks at what’s been happening this week, in Media Insider.

Do you always inhale your meals in seconds? BitBite claims to be the world’s first wearable device that monitors eating habits and helps improve them

Scientists have been busy making headway in the field of telepathy, with big steps taken recently in improving brain-to-brain interfaces

If Jedi mind tricks don’t impress you, how about improving communication with man’s next best friend? New technology aims to improve communication between dogs and humans (as long as they don’t mind wearing a doggy style rucksack)

In a world where people take endless photos of predominantly irrelevant things, the Zencam app is an interesting way of encouraging the Instagram generation to return to a more considered behaviour i.e. to get people to slow down and take mindful photos of the things that really matter

Retro tech reimagined: just because it already exists doesn’t mean it can’t get any better. This new geometric umbrella from Sa reimagines the concept with a new structure that improves efficiency and recyclability

Finally, got a mystery bug and can’t get to a doctor? Scientists have developed a bio-engineered printable ink that can detect pathogens in blood or saliva that could one day help all of us to tell tonsillitis from flu in a flash. So no more man-flu!