Guest contributor, Katy Garner Foy, PHD UK’s media planner looks at what’s been happening this week, in Media Insider.

Love a good story behind a gift? Wrapsacks are an eco-friendly wrapping paper alternative with an interesting twist. These reusable gift bags allow you to track the journey of giving – see where your wrapping travels to and where it came from, what gifts it carried and what celebrations it’s been a part of!

Looking for the perfect green gift for budding cyclists? The new Fontus prototype bottle turns air into water as you ride – the design was recently a finalist for the international 2014 James Dyson design Award

Sharing is caring – uCiC (you see, I see) is an android app start-up that allows you to select any area in the world and reach out to other users to share an image with you, whether you know them or not

Worried about the inevitable extra Christmas calories? FAB is a device designed to reduce fat and calories during cooking, making healthier meals with less impact on the environment

Extending the boundaries of touch screens, Fuffr is dedicated to building on the way people interact with handheld devices. Their phone case project expands the touch control area to outside of your smartphone screen to facilitate multiplayer games and potentially much more

Thinking INSIDE the box – Enovo is a smart Finish waste logistics solution that measures and predicts the level of rubbish in bins in order to recommend smart collection schedules and routes. Cost and eco efficiencies mean less waste all around!