This article was first published in the July edition of Media Pulse – Omnicom Media Group’s monthly highlights on relevant media insights, intelligence and trends.  

While we have seen thriving and even empty retail space become a canvas for advertising, home is supposed to be a sacred space. No unwarranted sales pitches, no soliciting from strangers, and no advertising décor.

Add My Window, a Dutch start-up, is looking to tap the residential market to open up new advertising space, offering individuals cash to put up adhesive advertisements on the windows of their homes.

It isn’t the first company to take advantage of this domestic rent-a-space enterprise. Brainiacs from Mars – formerly known as Adzookie—converted homes into life-size banner ads. The “Billboard home,” according to Brainiacs’ website, was one of their most “publicized campaigns ever” and in a matter of days received over 1,000 submissions to transform home façades into advertisements. Another company, FreeCar Media, paid drivers in exchange for allowing their personal vehicles to be wrapped with branded messages.

While maybe not reinventing the wheel, it is opening the door, or window, for marketers to gain hyper-local access to consumers in unique and unexpected places, whilst offering people the opportunity to turn their kingdoms into cash. What’s more, these opportunities allow marketers to bring their message, to the right people, at the right time and in the right place, which underscores the inherent value-proposition of Out-of-Home…Location.

Over the years, dot com companies have tried other non-traditional ways to localize their ad campaigns by tapping personal space. More than a decade ago, for example, eBay allowed individuals to auction off their body space for advertisements. In the UK, a woman was paid $10,000 for a forehead tattoo advertising

While tattoo advertisements are hopefully a thing of the past (and dare we say the future), hyper-targeted localization in marketing is most definitely the wave of the future.

If more companies start sharing advertising profits with the consumers themselves, through window ads, tattoos or the next big thing, who knows where ads could appear next, perhaps residential real IS the next frontier!