This article was first published in the December edition of  Media Pulse – Omnicom Media Group’s monthly highlights on relevant media insights, intelligence and trends.

Believe it or not, working office jobs is as unhealthy as smoking. Recent studies have linked sedentary behavior (measured by time spent sitting) to higher rates of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and premature death. Physical inactivity is the second leading cause of death in the U.S. and the fourth in the world. It’s either time to quit your job (unlikely), or to invest in one of these gizmos…

Introducing the Darma Seat—a kind of high-tech whoopee cushion with sensors that continuously monitor bioinformatics signals from your derriere and deliver them in an endless stream to your smartphone. The Darma Seat not only provides information on heart rate, weight distribution and posture analysis, it even tells you when to meditate. We’re sure the CEO will understand why you missed the first half of their meeting about that new company-wide software. “Sorry sir, my seat cushion told me it was time to meditate.”

For the workaholic in your life—whose sedentary lifestyle is less a choice than a necessity—the Darma Seat promises some seriourear-end relief this holiday season. Backers can preorder the Darma Seat for US $149, and consumers can purchase it early next year for US $249 in retail stores. 

We know it’s bad to sit for extended periods of time, and taking that out-of-office lunch break just isn’t an option sometimes. How about the old standby balance ball (For just $79.98, Gaiam offers a wide selection of colors), a standing desk (link to article we did on standing desks) or a rolling chair mount? Maybe you want to forgo a desk chair altogether—Varidesk offers all kinds of alternatives for your boring old desk, computer , and Earon chair set up. And don’t forget your special standing mat for US $50.

These are all fabulous alternatives to the desk chair, but we’re waiting for the gadget that enables us to ride a bicycle into the office, mount it on a stand, connect it to a generator and pedal-power a computer. You may say we’re dreamers, but we’re not the only ones. 

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