David Barnes (PHD Dubai)

Associate Director - Digital Data

Q. What is it like to work at PHD?

Working at PHD is like being with your family who is there to support one another day in and day out. Whenever someone looks like they could use a bit of help there is always someone happy to lend a generous hand or even take some time out to listen. It’s also a fast-paced company with smart, creative, tech savvy, and positive people collaborate and challenge each other to produce great work.

Q. What does finding a better way mean to you?

It means never settling for good enough or being discouraged by what you think is impossible. There is always an alternative approach to a task and a solution on hand for any hurdle, you just have to keep plugging away until you find it. Each challenge is merely a step in your learning curve.

Q. What would you say to someone joining PHD?

Well done, you won’t regret it…see you in Tamanya…something you’ll get to know quite well.

Q. What is the best bit about your job?

My biggest enjoyment about being a part of PHD are the people I’m lucky enough to work with each and every day. The people are a direct representation of the company – passionate, charismatic, tenacious to succeed, and always ready to have fun.