At the recently concluded Dubai Lynx International Festival of Creativity, Luca Allam, general manager of PHD Dubai,  presented a session on the transformation the media industry is undergoing with developments in artificial intelligence (AI). The talk shared key insights from the latest edition of PHD’s thought-leadership book, ‘Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution and the Implications on Marketing’. Allam introduced the topic of virtual personal assistants (VPAs) and how they will increasingly make decisions for consumers in the future. As a result, brands will need to connect with these VPAs in order to connect and sell to their consumers. For agencies, data convergence will make it easier for VPAs to process data, and therefore our role will be to stack the data for them, managing the macro-thinking and strategies as our time gets freed up from micro-optimizations that will be handled by machines. Allam closed off his talk by stating: “Change is upon us. It’s time to embrace it in our processes and planning.”

As an industry-wide event that celebrates excellence in communications in the MENA region, the festival attracts delegates from all fields within the marketing discipline and organizes sessions on three stages. Allam’s talk took place on the Data x Tech x Innovation stage, dedicated to talks that explore how new data intelligence, technological advancements and mind-blowing innovations are revolutionizing the way creative work is produced and consumed. Dubai Lynx is a part of the Lions Festivals, the organizers behind the annual Cannes Lions Festival.