In a recent article The Economic Times in India spoke to an assortment of blue chip marketers and the heads of media and digital agencies about what encourages them to do great work and what brings them to a grinding halt.

Mike Cooper, PHD Worldwide’s CEO, was asked to give his views on what he feels can discourage creativity.

1. I get worried by clients who won’t give us information, share data or allow us to talk to other partners. Clients have a right to expect us to collaborate as much as possible. If I was a client, I would be upset if I was paying 4 or 5 agencies and they came up with mutually exclusive strategies; something that still happens quite often.

2. Clients who don’t give you enough time. The best ones will always give you more than enough. If someone says to us ‘we need a recommendation within three days’ my eyes go to the ceiling. Because of our gamified planning module Source, we can do things quickly but it doesn’t give us the chance to do things as well as we could.

3. Clients whose default position is still television. We met a client who said ‘you still need TV to build brands’ and I thought ‘oh my god.’ A brand like Dorset cereals has been built on packaging. I think you can build brands on digital today. India has multiple markets form very sophisticated to emerging — it’s like dealing with multiple countries in one. But you can do things using other mediums. It’s always a bit sad when people have a budget and approach it in a premeditated way. In the UK, over 50 per cent spend is on digital.

You can read the article in full here.