Consumers are no longer swayed by bogus, emotion-drive advertising claims, advises Will Wiseman (Chief Strategy Officer, PHD US) in his latest op-ed for Business Insider.

Harry’s and Casper mattresses are just two brands that have reshaped how consumer trust is built in a US advertising landscape no longer responsive to grandiose claims.

For years, conventional wisdom has implied that if you have a great brand personality, you can sell a parity product. The new model — in a world where trust is essential — is to start with a great product and communicate it with a distinctive personality. Trust is about passion. Trust is about expertise.


Harry’s makes a great product by embracing simplicity. It only sells one type of blade, and refills come in at about $1.87 a cartridge. You can get a rubber handle to put those blades in for $9, or upgrade to a metal one for $20. That’s pretty much it. Today, Harry’s does around $200 million a year in sales.

Once product expertise and category passion has been established, relevancy can grow by being more human and relatable.  Instead of big claims, sometimes it’s about little obsessions.

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