No matter which side of the working from home debate you sit on, there can be no doubt that the Level 4 lock down has presented us with an entirely new way of working.

The new distancing laws have made space for the more introverted among us to thrive, but can leave those that get their energy from social interaction a little lost.

The parents of PHD have juggled their workload whilst home schooling children or entertaining those yet to start school.

It’s fair to say that our ‘new normal’ is unique to each and every one of us.

Agency culture is something that has always been a very important part of the way we do business at PHD.

So maintaining our sense of connectivity in these times when we are being asked to keep our distance has been challenging.

But it has also presented us with entirely new ways of connecting with one another.

Each day we have circulated a survey to our colleagues asking them for their tip for managing the day ahead.

Through this we have found out so much about one another as we go about life in lockdown.

We’ve been invited to reframe and rename our use of the word ‘lockdown’ to ‘home retreat’.

Those missing their gel manicures have been guided through an at home method for removing old nail polish.

We’ve been treated to countless different recipes from pancakes to cocktails and everything in between.

To keep us focused on the future we’ve been invited to jot down something we are looking forward to doing when the lock down is over and store it in a jar.

We’ve hosted Friday quarantini drinks via Microsoft Teams, virtual quizzes and shared our varied working from home stories.

We’ve also been productive. Training sessions have been hosted virtually. Our colleagues have adjusted their working days, some getting up bright and early using the usual commute time to get on top of their workload before some of have even put the kettle on.

Whilst so far from the way we are used to working, the lockdown or ‘home retreat’ has given many of us the opportunity to look at how we can do things differently. Be more efficient, connect in different ways and spend more time in our home environment.

There’s no denying that most if not all of us will be looking forward to getting back to some kind of normality but in doing so we will have learnt some valuable lessons about our ways of working that we can take forward into our post lockdown work life.