Translated from Engage Italy

The Partner Studio division of Oath , in collaboration with  PHD and video partner , developed a complex project for the snack Girella along with Motta.

The three-step communication initiative involved on and off strategies. The first one planned Girella’s brand integration in the new “Volare” video by Fabio Rovazzi , while, concurrently with the release of the video , the singer posted twice on his official Twitter page, with more than 41,000 followers. In just three weeks the video has exceeded 35 million views and has gained over 650,000 likes on YouTube.

Following this first stage of communication, a second was triggered by the spontaneous involvement of some Youtubers. Among them, the comedy duo PanPers produced a video parody of Girella’s product placement on YouTube, which posted 1,400,000 views and a lot of comments.

In the face of this organic visibility, Oath worked with Motta to create an even wider strategy that saw PanPers’ participation again to achieve more content . With their ironic style, the duo has produced a video in which it launched a challenge to fans by involving them sending memes in which Girella appears in the most unusual and unexpected places. Over 60 user memes and 200,000 views were obtained on the official PanPers profile, as well as 200,000 generated by the video on the BeOn network of Oath. This activity also followed a meme made by PanPers during the Champions League that has totaled 900 interactions on their official Facebook page .


Girella Motta also responded to inputs from the network, again accepting the challenge posed by PanPers to gift “a ton of swivels” during their event in Terni. This saw the arrival of a full snack truck that the duo then distributed to over 900 fans present . Everything was filmed, from product delivery to the launch and became a video on the Facebook page of PanPers, generating more than 600,000 views.

“This project has allowed us to make available an important brand, delivering branded content projects in the broadest sense of the term. We focused on creativity and ability to make viral projects. Thanks to our creative and technological partnerships, we have gained wide-scale involvement, thanks to our distribution on our BeOn network , “said Christina Lundari , General Manager of Oath Italia.

“We are very pleased with the visibility achieved thanks to the various activities developed together with Oath: every initiative has made it possible to represent the spirit of personality and out of Girella’s designs” said Alberto Raselli , Head of Communication of the Bauli Group , ” Motta is a brand that is characterized by its joking and ironic tones, and even in this case, we have been able to emphasize this distinctive style of communication for Girella. “