PHD Belgium, along with TBWA, has been awarded a prestigious Gold Effie in recognition of work for client Telenet’s “Helemaal Mee Tournee” (“Total Update Tour”) campaign.

Telenet, a leading telecom service provider in Belgium, whilst being recognised as attracting new customers, was seeing decreasing satisfaction levels in existing customers.  Working with PHD and TBWA in market, the “Total Update Tour” was launched.  A totally personalised service made available to every existing customer of Telenet, saw the customer receive a free visit from a Telenet technician, who would assist the customer in whatever way they needed.  From teaching the customer about Telenet’s apps they weren’t optimising, to maximising wi-fi signal, updating equipment and even assisting in improving the quality of the image on their digital TV, the technician ensured the customer was left feeling as though they benefited from Telenet’s services and were receiving the best possible value for money.

To coincide with the tour, PHD ran a media campaign to raise awareness and generate a call to action – booking an appointment with Telenet.

The tour succeeded in raising customer satisfaction levels with those who had been considering switching supplier not only remaining with Telenet, but taking to social media to express their satisfaction with the service provided.

The “Total Update Tour” has since been integrated into the company’s service agreement and is a standard service now available to all Telenet customers.  What started as a marketing investment to maintain its customer base, has become a sustainable service.  Telenet has not only raised the bar on customer satisfaction but has introduced a new standard in the industry.