The award writing team at PHD Copenhagen have been hard at work writing cases for this year’s Adverting Effectiveness Awards – and the hard work paid of! Yesterday, the list of nominated cases for the 2015 award show was revealed and PHD Copenhagen appeared twice on this list. First nomination is for the “Guys ‘n’ dolls, it’s classic time”-campaign for the strong beer brand Tuborg Classic, and the other nomination is for the campaign “The secret son” from the chips brand KiMs. At the Rambuk Awards in September, the KiMs campaign won two Rambuk awards as well as the Rambuk Grand Prix.

“In collaboration with the advertising-agency, Wibroe, Duckert & Partners, we sent in cases for two of the strongest campaigns from Tuborg Classic and KiMs, and now we have two nominations. Of course, we are very happy about this and now we are looking forward with anticipation to the award show in November”, says Head of Innovation at PHD Copenhagen, Kristoffer Bæk-Mikkelsen.

The Advertising Effectiveness Awards 2015 will take place on November 18. in Copenhagen.