With time and technology, the globe is fast moving towards a world where technologies like AI will be the norm, completely revolutionising the way we buy, work, learn and communicate. This formed the premise of PHD Hong Kong’s presentation – Predestination: The Coming Revolution of AI in Marketing – at an event organized by the HKMA Digital Marketing Community (DMC), a new specialist club launched by The Hong Kong Management Association.

In 2016, PHD partnered with author, visionary, provocateur and Wired founder Kevin Kelly to understand the technological forces that will shape our future. Kelly, the author of The Inevitable, makes a compelling case for how the roots of the digital world are the springboard for the enduring and profound changes we will live through over the next thirty years. This formed the core thinking behind PHD’s Predestination series.

The key technology trends at the HKMA event were jointly presented by Chris Stephenson, Regional Head of Strategy and Planning – PHD APAC, Michael Lee, Head of Digital – PHD Hong Kong, and James Wong, Strategy Director – PHD Hong Kong. The trends included: tracking and filtering – an extension of the quantified self in practically everything around us, sharing – which works on the premise that key innovations in the next few years will be built on our ability to share, amongst others. The presentation also highlighted that AI, VR, ubiquitous measurement and algorithmic filtering are just some of the predestined forces that will shape and transform our lives and our industry.

Whilst the technological forces shaping our everyday lives are inevitable, PHD embraces the view that technology is a liberator of advancement, and believes that understanding these forces will allow us as an agency to find a better way forwards for our people and clients.

By understanding and embracing these forces, we will be able to
remain on top of the coming wave of changes and arrange our day-to-day relationships with technology to bring maximum benefits.”

– Kevin Kelly