This month’s Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media awarded only 2 Grand Prix, one of which was awarded to PHD India for its Lifebuoy initiative for Hindustan Unilever.  “The story of an unborn child: Chamki”, designed to encourage handwashing to save the lives of children, was told through the eyes of a little girl, Chamki, who simply wanted to live to be 5 years old.

Heart-breaking statistics show that in India 6 million children, one in every 20, die every year before they reach the age of 5. 44% of these deaths occur during their first 28 days, approximately half occurring because of infectious syndromes like diarrhoea and pneumonia which can be prevented with a simple habit of hand washing.

Lifebuoy has taught hand washing with soap to 250 million people across the world. The brand has been consistently saving lives and helping mothers ensure their children fall ill a little less often. “The story of an unborn child” was targeted to digital savvy mothers, the evangelists of spreading this message to their circle of influence. Research proved that this set of women are more likely to consume and share content about children welfare, since the message comes from a relationship that is most precious – one of a mother and her child.

With the support of Bollywood celebrity Kajol, the brand ambassador of Lifebuoy and the UN Hand Washing Ambassador, and by tapping into circles of influencers, mothers and other external partners to help achieve scale, PHD set out to educate and equip mothers about the importance of hand washing during the neo natal stage of a child. The film of the ‘future child’ hence became our tool to seeding in this simple yet resilient message online and was gradually shared by influencers, celebrities, mothers and numerous others online.

The Results? In India alone, 6.34m households were single-handedly protected by Lifebuoy.

View the award winning video here.