PHD International’s media planner Shona Read looks at what has been inspiring people this week;

“Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” – Napoleon Hill


  • How do we save the world? – From the pale blue dot to Atlas, how do we act as one in a state of crisis?
  • TED talk of the week – Researcher Patti Maes and one of her pupils display how an innovative and cost effective prototype of the Sixth Sense could change our daily functioning
  • What Do We Do With All This Big Data –  Susan Etlinger, a data analyst, questions the ethics behind the way data is used to tell a story and how we are storytellers can be more effective in  the stories we tell using data, brought to you by TED
  • What do you see when you look up? – By looking at a time-lapse of air-traffic, we can see our skies from a different perspective



  • Desert Island podcast of the week – This week’s castaway is singer-songwriter Lily Allen – her thoughts on writing with honesty and integrity… “or else what’s the point?”
  • TED podcast of the week – Quiet – How do we quieten our busy lives? Time for introspection and cloud-watching.




In-space Manufacturing: This week saw the ISS make history with the first object to be 3D printed in space – the implications for furthering space exploration are extremely promising. (see main picture)