“Winners turn setbacks into comebacks”- Willie Jolley


  • TED talk of the week – How the Internet has made social change easy to organise, hard to win – A talk from Zeynep Tufekci
  • What it’s like to see sound – A lucky group of people see colour when exposed to stimuli, most commonly sounds, and this is what it looks like to have Synesthesia
  • Discover how the Earth works – The science book for playful people. This makes me wish all my school textbooks were on a tablet



  • TED podcast of the week – What we fear – What it means to be afraid, and should we be afraid of things?  What if we could be fearless?
  • The triumph of human integrity – How do you fight the controls of the system and get banned music into the Soviet Union?



  • Want to be happy? – The secret to happiness
  • Year 2020 – I hope you don’t like chocolate. Find out what else is predicted to disappear by the year 2020
  • Read the next big thriller – There is now a self-destructing book to make your crime thriller that much more exciting, see how people are doing in the race against time


How to win at life: Where do you rank in comparison to the rest of the world when it comes to your quality of life? (See main picture)