PHD International’s media planner Shona Read looks at the latest mix of interesting people, amazing stories and inspiring thoughts to get the brains ticking over: 

In preparation for Chinese New Year: 恭喜發財 (Happiness & Prosperity)



  • TED talk of the week – Happy maps – Is the fastest route always the best, or is it more about how you feel along the way?
  • We’ve been there – A powerful message for teens that are being bullied, labelled, judged and feel there is nobody there to help.
  • 36 Qs on the path to love – Is there a formula to creating that close connection?



  • TED podcast of the week – How we love – Can you calculate love? Is love, really like being on drugs? Do we ask too much from those we love? How does siblings love differ? Can love put lives on a different path?
  • Desert Island of the week – Mark Rylance played Hamlet for the first time when he was still at school. He’s since won an Olivier and a Tony, with his most recent role being the first artistic director of The Globe.



  • Having trouble speaking? – Why the speech center of your brain shuts down when you talk
  • Mentorship is dead – Or at least, the way you know it is long gone. Instead, you need to harness the power of your network.
  • Optimize your downtime – The complete guide to learning via podcast (and you get weekly highlights from this newsletter!)


Data will save music – Great artistry thrives on innovation, and innovation is often built on the back of information. (See main picture)