PHD International’s media planner Shona Read looks at the latest mix of interesting people, amazing stories and inspiring thoughts to get the brains ticking over: 

“If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito”- Dalai Lama


  • TED talk of the week – The world’s most boring TV – Nobody would believe that all 7 hrs of a train journey can make engaging programming but for Norwegians, its kind of addictive – TV without explosions, sex and loud music can still get great ratings
  • Making technology work for you – …not the other way round. Any problem has a solution, it might not be the immediate one that springs to mind but if you think laterally, you will solve it
  • Glory – Watch the powerful performance by John Legend and Common, for the piece that won best original song at the Oscars



  • TED podcast of the week – The Unknown Brain – How resilient is it? What makes us so unique from other creatures? Can we map the brain to find the things we don’t know? Is there a part of the brain responsible for understanding what other people are thinking? And finally, what is consciousness?
  • Serial – Stories via podcast episodes. This highly addictive form of story-listening is taking the world by storm. The first season is complete, for your listening pleasure.



  • Finding your purpose – Letters from a young Hunter S. Thompson from before he was an established author.  He advises his friend on love, life, purpose and choice
  • Why do people relate to fictional characters? – Who hasn’t secretly hoped that Sherlock Holmes was real, pretend that Harry Potter was their mate or wanted Mr Darcy to sweep them off their feet… apparently, it is completely normal to believe that fictional characters are real!
  • Long commutes – If you think your commute is a little long and tedious, imagine being on the Voyager 1 to the outer edge of space


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – This couldn’t be better expressed than this South African para-Olympian who was attacked by a Great White shark, became a hero for millions of people and is on the shark’s side (See main picture)