PHD International’s media planner, Shona Read, provides this week’s mix of interesting people, amazing stories and inspiring thoughts;


  • TED talk of the week – An equal world – Dan Ariely reveals some new, surprising research on what we think is fair, as far as how wealth is distributed over societies… then shows how it stacks up to the real stats
  • The organic effect – So what’s all the fuss about eating organic?
  • Watch out Messi – This 3-year old may give you a run for your money. Sign him up now!



  • TED podcast of the week – Identities – From your kids, to your politics and your home. Identities play a large part of who we are
  • Freakonomics of the Week – Think like a child – Could you be missing out on the everyday magic?



  • Holiday replay – Remember the guy who was miserable on his holiday?  He got to go again with his wife
  • Flying etiquette – The 11 rules to remember the next time you’re up in the air
  • Saving the rhino – How 3D printing could actually be saving the rhinos from extinction


How far from home – Home is where the heart is, except for these two who’ve let their heart lead their travels around the world (main picture)