Holly Rose Bryant

WHAT DO YOU DO? (in 10 words or less)
Media Assistant supporting the Sainsbury’s team.

Are you on twitter?
Much more of an Instagram fan (@hollyrosebryant).

Do you have any strange phobias?
I am petrified of pigeons, and also scared of escalators – but only on the way up!

Would you rather not need sleep or not need food? And why?
Not need sleep, think how much you could achieve in a day.

Would you rather sing everything you say or hear everyone else in song?
If people heard me sing I think we would all be in agreement that it would be best to hear everyone else in song.

Seen anything good on TV lately?
Obsessed with Orange is the New Black on Netflix, also like 24 hours in Police Custody on C4. Basically anything to do with prisons is a winner!

We are going to the pub, what would you like?
Depending on the time of day, either a pear cider or a (double) vodka please.

What’s your party trick?
Sadly I don’t think I have one.

Do you have a nickname?
No specific nickname, but have been known to answer to pretty much anything yelled in my direction.