PHD Italy’s annual event Evolutionary Wave took place at the end of September, exploring the opportunities and consequences of technology innovation within the marketing and communications industry.

The two day event, which took place in Palermo, Sicily, was entitled “The collaborative (R)Evolution – ‘Sharing’ as a new business model and a new type of ‘collective intelligence’” and was PHD Italy’s in-market launch of PHD’s latest publication “Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution and the Implications for Marketing”, which looks at the impact of Artificial Intelligence upon the world of marketing.

Rohan Tambyrajah, global strategy director of PHD’s Global Strategy Unit based in London, launched “Sentience” to the curious and engaged audience and discussed how AI is already part of our day to day lives, the rise of the sentient VPA, challenges that will arise for brands in the future as they adapt to marketing to an algorithm and what they can do now to prepare.

Vittorio Bucci, managing director of PHD Italy, went on to present some exclusive learnings from a recent research and mapping project on the sharing economy in the Italian market.  This research has not been made public yet with the results due to be officially presented later this year, but PHD Italy wanted to give a flavour of the sharing economy market, which was a hot topic amongst attendees of the event.

Also speaking was Jay Elliot, ex Vice-president of Apple during the Steve-Jobs-era, who gave an inspiring speech on what real innovation is today and how to develop a disruptive business model, as Jobs did himself.

Many other speakers from local and international companies also spoke at the event, giving an insight into how their businesses have evolved in terms of technology and innovation.

The event was organised in partnership with the tech company Mosaicoon, one of the most successful business models in the Italian market.