PHD has today launched a new education programme, The Facebook Blueprint Challenge, to offer all 4,000 employees across the network the chance to upskill their digital knowledge, via Facebook’s training and education solution, Blueprint.

The Blueprint Challenge will be the first time, PHD engages all of its employees in one training course, which launches at the same time across all offices globally.

The Facebook Blueprint Challenge consists of three stages, beginning with a set of bespoke eLearning courses to be completed by employees over two months. Once completed, the top students will be selected globally to attend a PHD Facebook Blueprint Ambassador Summit, hosted at a Facebook regional HQ in April. Here they will have a chance to further develop their skills and ask questions in the presence of Facebook experts to ensure they are fully leveraging Facebook’s growing product portfolio and driving greater results for their clients.

These “Ambassadors” will then go on to take a moderated exam which if successfully completed, would qualify them as certified Facebook experts – the highest accreditation awarded by Facebook to agency partners.

PHD is dedicated to continually find a better way for its employees with training being a top priority and who better to launch a digital training initiative with, than Facebook.

Miranda Bird, head of development – PHD Global Business said: “Facebook have worked with us brilliantly to provide a great way of upskilling our staff at scale, both by creating a technological solution which allows everyone from all our offices to engage with the same training programme, and also by gamifying the process so that our staff are engaged with the process at the maximum level.”

Carolyn Everson, VP global marketing solutions, Facebook commented: “2016 was an incredible year for our friends at PHD. We’re excited to launch the PHD Facebook Blueprint and Ambassador Program, reflecting PHD’s values around openness, curiosity and courage. There has never been a better time to invest in talent and we’re excited to see the impact this global initiative can have on people across the entire PHD network.”

Facebook Blueprint is a global education and certification programme to help educate agencies and advertisers on how they can effectively achieve their business results through marketing on both Facebook and Instagram.

The launch of the Facebook Blueprint training programme was picked up M&M Global.