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Dropper Frog

28 June 2018

Dropper Frog

Clorox, Puerto Rico

Hurricane Maria decimated Puerto Rico, leaving the island without a clean water supply, no bottled water and no power to enable water to be boiled.

The World Health Organisation recommended a safe amount of bleach to add to water to deem it safe enough to drink.

We rallied to create special droppers, to measure out the exact amount of bleach needed to make water safe.

The Clorox Dropper Frog, inspired by Puerto Rico’s national icon; the tiny and beloved Coqui frig, became a giant symbol for the national spirit of reconstruction.

We produced 10,000 Clorox Dropper Frogs and distributed them, along with Clorox bleach, in 8 of the most affected communications across the island.

We reached almost 50,000 people, providing them the means to use clean water for bathing, washing, cooking and drinking.