Senior media buyers have praised the efforts of Nine, which this week revealed a new content lineup and investment in a trading platform for small to medium businesses owners.

The buyers, who attended Nine’s upfronts in Sydney overnight, described the presentation as “slick”, “well-connected” and on-brand.

Joanna Barnes, head of trading, PHD Melbourne

What are your thoughts on the content lineup?

SeaChange is a programme that will resonate with older audiences that naturally is a good fit for TV.  However, Nine will need to raise awareness and promote the programme to the next generation as they won’t have the history of the show. Nine’s programming slate for 2019 looks solid across all genres building on some of the big ticket programmes this year.

What did you think of 9Voyager?

It’s an interesting proposition for SMEs.

Where is Nine at with addressability?

Still early days and needs to be tested, certainly their approach to drive change in the market is recognised.

Is there anything more you would have liked to have seen?

Nine unveiled their new strategy late last year which has worked well for them so really 2019 is about consistency, 9Galaxy in particular has been well executed and we are seeing great results across a number of our clients campaigns – this will continue to evolve in 2019 and PHD will be at the forefront of testing.

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