PHD’s latest piece of thought leadership, ‘Merge | The closing gap between technology and us’ was unveiled to 3,000 delegates from all over the LATAM region, who joined together over three days at the biggest event for the advertising industry to date.

Alejandro Clabiorne, CEO PHD LATAM, led the presentation, showing advertisers how technology is closing the gap to reach us, followed by a documentary VT conveying the views of many leading figures in the industry on this topic.

To delve deeper into findings and predictions of ‘Merge’ for the LATAM market, a discussion panel was led by Fernanda Campos, MD PHD Mexico, with panellists from Facebook, Nielsen and Pernod Ricard.

Panellists agreed this technological advancement and ‘merging’ would result in a number of challenges for the region. Agencies would need to acquire new knowledge and expertise; need to hire a different set of specialists including data analysts, cognitive consultants, strategists and, of course, creatives.

As the evolution of technology can be foreseen, brands / agencies / media can plan different stages of their approach; from small adjustments or developments in the short term to extensive, integral solutions in the medium and long term.

Technology tends to advance faster than brands / agencies / media because these groups need to translate technology per se as to the real use it may have. Consumers, on the other hand, start experimenting instantly. Thus, they move faster than the industry.

Although LATAM may appear somewhat adrift from these high-speed trends, it is not out of the picture completely. LATAM use of technology is quickly evolving as consumers adopt fast global trends. Data use, on the other hand, is growing exponentially, as advertisers find there a vast wealth of information to be utilised from consumers’ minds.

LATAM will feel the full force of the ‘closing gap’ in the coming years.

Watch the Merge panel discussion at Advertising Week LATAM here