PHD continues to explore the implications of technology on marketing at the ROI Festival, the largest and most prestigious event celebrating business creativity and communications in Shanghai, China.

Following the launch event of “Predestination – Where we are all heading” earlier in March, PHD China will be releasing its seventh publication – “Merge | the closing gap between technology and us” – at the prestigious ROI Festival. With the next three decades predicted to be the most technologically disruptive era in human history, “Merge” – available in Chinese and English editions – explores a future in which humanity and technology become inextricably linked.

PHD is proud to be bringing three speakers to the festival this year, Anna Chitty, CEO of PHD China, Mark Bowling, Head of Strategy, PHD China, and guest speaker David Li, Co-founder of Maker Collider and Hacked Matter as well as Director of Shenzhen’s Open Innovation Lab on October 18th at 5:10pm. Together, they will explore a future in which devices will fade away, virtual environments will emerge and super-smart AI assistants will organize our lives. Humanity and technology will both virtually and biologically, merge together.

During the session, guests will learn about the technological trends and cultural movements that are already leading towards the Merge, the implications that the convergence between humans and machines will have and how to prepare for the changes that it will bring upon the marketing industry.

The ROI festival takes place in Shanghai over a four-day period and welcomes thousands of keen delegates from across all disciplines of the marketing industry, looking to be inspired by outstanding content and case studies that best demonstrate business ideas that drive results.

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