As a manifestation of PHD’s thought-leadership topic, MERGE, which explores the closing gap between technology and us, PHD invited avant-garde artist and cyborg, Moon Ribas to join the agency on the main stage at the Spikes festival in Singapore.

Moon, whose seismic sensor implant in her elbow allows her to sense the Earth’s movements, was interviewed by Chris Stephenson, PHD’s Head of Strategy for APAC, in the hope of expanding audiences’ perception of how technology is altering the way humans process and sense the world.

Speaking after the session with newspaper The Straits Times, Moon commented “I think more people are willing to merge with technology in order to have a deeper experience of reality…In the science-fiction world, they portray the union between humans and technology as being very dangerous and pessimistic. (But) you can use a mobile phone to call your mother or to detonate a bomb. Humans have the option to make this union a positive one.”

Read Moon’s full interview in The Straits Times here.

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