Extracting Opportunities from the Merge between Technology and Humanity

As we spend an increasing amount of time in the virtual world, machines will become even more embedded in our lives. Over the next two decades, machines will become as intelligent as us. As this gap continues to close, we will Merge with technology, becoming indistinguishable from one another.

Join PHD China at the premier of its new documentary, ‘Merge’, which explores the rise of new technologies and the countless possibilities this will bring to the marketing industry. The documentary will be shown with an accompanying discussion and Q&A led by Anna Chitty, CEO of PHD China, where the key technological developments presented in stage three of Merge will be further explored.




和PHD中国一起参加《融合》这部新纪录片的首映。片中探索了新技术的兴起以及其为营销行业带来的无尽可能。除了纪录片外,我们还将为大家带来相关的讨论与问答环节。在这些环节, PHD中国CEO,Anna Chitty,将带领大家进一步探索《融合》阶段III所呈现的关键科技发展。