In today’s polarised world, how do you bring people together and generate hundreds of millions of views for your content? By painstakingly asking the leaders of every major religion to take part in your crazy idea.

Mark Woerde, co-founder of the Dutch agency Lemz, used the power of creativity to unite people across the globe by interviewing religious leaders about the importance of supporting other people, regardless of their beliefs, for a joint appeal.

He shared many anecdotes of how he achieved unlikely interviews with high profile faces like the Archbishop of Canterbury and the Pope, around the message that, “no matter from which side of the mountain you are climbing, you should be helping each other”.

The message found its way to media outlets everywhere, as well as local religious communities: “I have the feeling it’s just the beginning of a wonderful process”.

Finally, Woerde encouraged attendees to “aim high”. “Please forget the ad awards,” he concluded, “make the world a better place, win a Nobel prize as an organisation and I promise it will be a big win for you as a person, your organisation and the world.”