PHD Singapore along with Lowe Linta and Partners, has picked up Gold in Warc’s Prize for Innovation 2014 Awards for Unilever’s Lifebuoy campaign ‘Help a child reach 5’.

The Unilever campaign was created in India to help save children’s lives through raising awareness of the need of hand washing with soap.

Every year, 2 million children under five die due to preventable infections like diarrhoea as many people do not understand the importance of basic hygiene.

The campaign adopted the village of Thesgora, which has the highest diarrhoeal incidence in India and committed to reducing diarrhoea among it’s children.

This was a unique digital campaign to create mass awareness and empower parents globally to help spread the word on washing hands.

Since the launch of the campaign, there has been 16 million YouTube views, 358,000 children were reached through direct donations and in Thesgora, there was a 74% decrease in the incidence of diarrhoea, saving the livings of around 20 children.

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