This article was first published in La Publicida – translated from Spanish.

PHD Spain has developed an interactive OOH experience in Madrid that allows users to test, first-hand, the gestural control of the new Volkswagen Golf, ensuring the people of Madrid are aware of the newest technological innovation by Volkswagen.

The gestural control, with which you can perform actions such as changing songs, changing the volume or switching photos can be found in the latest model of Golf.

Through billboards with interactive screens, the public was able to activate the interactive experience with the movement of their hand and begin to interact with the brand and enjoy the experience.

The audience were invited to participate in the action where, through a camera, the movement of the user’s hand is detected, thus focusing the gestural control. The user, with their hand movement, could tailor the new VW Golf and once configured, the user could start the experience; a game where the Golf, chosen by the user, started to drive around a circuit. The user was able to move the car through different lanes with a simple movement of their hand, avoiding obstacles that arose to rise through the different levels of the game. Once the course was finished, the played was entered into a position ranking against the other users who participated.

A QR code was available to scan to receive more information about the new Golf and to request a test drive.