On February 19th, PHD contributed to Tidningsstatistik’s (TS) yearly presentation of all print circulations. The presentation of the circulations for 2014 was made by Frida Åberg, Client Service Director at PHD Sweden, as a main speaker to an audience of around 150 persons.

In Sweden, as elsewhere, print circulations have had a decreasing trend, but in many cases from very high numbers. We see a lack of confidence among publishers, so Frida’s presentation focused a lot on the new media landscape and what opportunities they actually have. Relevant issues going forward include:

  • Revising business models in order to compete better in a world that’s changing faster and faster.
  • Doing an inventory of assets and strength, preferably together with expertise from outside the magazine business.
  • Playing the game! The magazine business is still very strong, even though circulations are dropping.

The presentation has also been posted on Youtube.