Charli Ursell, PHD UAE digital associate director, has featured in October’s issue of Communicate in the regular feature Communiquestion.  The question posed to members of the industry was; “What is the best part of your job?”

Charli says; ” Every morning, when I reach my desk at work, I log on to a computer game. The game is called Source, and it’s PHD’s planning tool that encourages us to interact with colleagues across our global network and share ideas.

One of the biggest challenges we face every day in the media industry is comping up with fresh ideas for solutions to the usual tasks; we are expected to constantly innovate, while rooting our thinking in sound strategy. Source was designed to facilitate idea exchange across our network, by rewarding individuals with “pings” for their level of interaction and then ranking everyone on a global leaderboard.

One of the most appealing and gratifying aspects of Source is that you can contribute to someone’s innovation in South Africa, for example. Likewise, an award-winning idea could emerge out of Dubai as a result of insights provided from Japan. I don’t know many people that can say they are encouraged to play computer games at work.”

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