Sainsbury’s Christmas advert, ‘The Big Night’ has made Marketing Week’s list of top Christmas YouTube ads. The advert – with PHD UK listed as the media agency, and Wieden & Kennedy UK as the creative agency – beat out other festive ads by Apple, Amazon Cadbury and Argos.

Marketing Week wrote: “From a dancing bauble, to a drumming turkey and a plug, Sainsbury’s take on a classic school nativity play begins with a timid young girl dressed as a star stepping on stage alone. It’s not long before she begins to belt out a rendition of the New Radicals’ 90s hit You Get What You Give.

“She’s then joined on stage by the entire ensemble – essentially, children dressed as strange festive elements such as tinsel and fairy lights. However, despite the spotlight intended to be shone on the singing star, plug boy most definitely steals the show – watch from one minute, 20 seconds. You won’t regret it.”

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