While Snap invented the Stories format, Instagram Stories have hit 400 million monthly active users in June – more than double Snap’s entire user base.

Snap’s youthful Gen Z/millennial user base has proved to be one of the platform’s primary selling points; however, it’s also been a turnoff to advertisers looking for mass reach or direct response. As a result, more advertisers have put their dollars toward Instagram Stories.

Joe Mingino, Executive Director of Digital Activation at PHD, shared his perspective on advertising on Snap with Adexchanger. While Instagram is a go-to for Stories, Snap’s unique reach is still an enticing platform for certain brands to advertise. Selling hip sneakers? Snap’s a no-brainer, Mingino said. “We’re talking about an audience of mostly 18- to 34-year-olds who aren’t watching TV, and you can be sure to reach them on Snap.”

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