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It’s time to pimp your Facebook profile picture

Probably the jazziest change on Facebook so far, is that you will soon be able to add a 7-second looping video as a profile pic a la Mandy Cheng. I know what you’re all thinking: can I do this with a hand dryer in the loo at work? Much to my chagrin and heated face, I can confirm it’s a no.
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Victor: Uber for ballers

Meet Victor, because Uber only does helicopters… Victor is like the Uber of private Jet hire and one of Europe’s fastest growing tech-startups, offering a seamless private jet selection/hire process that works up to 3 hours prior to a requested departure time.
The Victor App provides a full end-to-end service for locating, booking and boarding a private jet any time, almost anywhere in the world. So when you’ve just got too much money to spare, here’s your next step up. Cannes 2016 anyone? Watch here

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Play my Tweet

NBA Houston Rockets star James Harden has jumped on board with Footlocker for the new “Play My Tweet” campaign. The idea is to get people to tweet anything in the world they would like to see Harden do. The most creative tweets will be selected and printed on a basketball, which Harden will then shoot and If he misses, he has to complete the task. Watch here

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Microsoft launches The Surface Book, their first ever laptop

Microsoft have unveiled their first ever laptop, which they’ve called the Surface Book. It’s a great looking device featuring a 13.5-inch display, a trackpad made of glass, a backlit keyboard and a machined magnesium body. But it’s most unique feature is a detachable screen. Read more

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One in every five people on Earth now has an Android phone

Android is now used by 1.4 billion people and Google Play also has over 1 billion users. Hitting this one billion mark is now pretty commonplace for Google’s services. Earlier this year the company announced that it had over a billion active users each for Chrome, Android, and YouTube, with Gmail lagging just a shade behind with 900 million people signed up. Read more