Everything you wanted to know about the latest in media but were afraid to ask. This week’s Download is all about the looks! Retail brand OnePiece makes those who have a lot of social influence look better cheaper, while Gap is all about looking stripey and created an app with which we can (wait for it!) PLAY our stripes… And if you were just about to look for pictures of striped apparel, Google will make it a whole lot easier for you, with their new focus on image searches. Looking for some great insights? The tech giant visualised some of their bests in their Consumer Barometer, and allows us to tailor the look of our graphs. We all love some amazing graphs, so this week our good friends at Airwave merged the latest of the Australian mobile landscape into cool looking infographics. The weather is looking great, so have fun out there this weekend, and see you next week!

PHDownload - social

Social media influence as currency

Retail brand OnePiece has launched ‘PieceKeepers’, a system that lets customers link their various social platforms to determine their level of influence. The #socialcurrency concept gives customers discounts based on their social following. Read more.

PHDownload - digital

The Consumer Barometer

Interested in how connected we are, how many devices we are using to access the internet, where do they sit on our path to purchase and how videos influence our purchases? Google collected insights from their latest researches in the Google Consumer Barometer. And it looks amazing too! Read more.

PHDownload - media

Blood Orange for Gap

A very unique song, and an augmented approach from Gap brings us “Play Your Stripes”. As striped clothing gets a push from the major retailer, they’ve created an augmented reality app for the desktop that puts you on screen, and, play your stipes! Read more.

PHDownload - technology

Google is building its image search capabilities

In a world where a picture is worth a thousand words, image search could mean big things for a fashion, travel and product placement. Read more.

PHDownload - mobile

Mobile Advertising Spend FY 2014

Airwave put their creative hat on this week and produced an infographic to illustrate the mobile advertising spend for the financial year ending June 2014. Mobile advertising has increased rapidly, growing 345% year on year. It now accounts for over $620m annually. Through this infographic, you can see the level of growth in relation to other digital sectors and the split in spend between search, display, mobile and tablet. Read more.


Cast catch up

This week we invite you to catch up with all the PHD Casts because it would be a shame for you to have missed them, you can find them here enjoy!