Everything you wanted to know about the latest in media but were afraid to ask. This week, a new update will allow Twitter to track the apps you download, Marketing Land guides us through Demand Side Platforms and how DSPs differ from Google AdWords, Google introduces ‘Contributor’ – a new platform that allows readers to visit their favourite news sites ad-free for a $1-$3 monthly fee, app Next Glass formulates a personalised ‘taste profile’ to help you choose your next great wine or beer, and the PHDcast folk talk innovation in media and how we can do more. …Until next week!

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Twitter to track your apps

Twitter has revealed that its app will soon start tracking the apps that you download. The new feature, called “app graph,” will deliver a ‘more tailored experience’ including suggestions of new accounts to follow and more relevant ads. Read more.

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Demand-Side Platforms

A DSP is software used to purchase advertising in an automated fashion, often for display, video, mobile and search. DSPs allow us to buy impressions by bidding on spots across a range of sites, but targeted to specific users based on demographic or browser history information. There are many new players in the market like Crimtan and Rocket Fuel, differentiating themselves with new offerings. Some DSPs are now able to collect data from lost bids, meaning they continually collect loads of data to create real-time profiles to better target desired audiences! Read more.

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Going on a sol search? #thatsnotypo!

Sol (the Beer brand), which champions Espiritu Libre (Free Spirit), steps up to the challenge of finding authentic destinations with a bespoke search algorithm that promote small-time hotspots. Sol Search is expected to roll our across December into 10 more cities. Read more.

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Google launches ‘Contributor’ to help publishers free the internet from ads

Paying only $1-$3 per month, users can visit sites free of advertising and continue to support their favourite content and creators. Read more.

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Ensure that Cocktail hour is always a hit with Next Glass

Next Glass is a data driven beer and wine matching app that can tell if you’ll like a particular drink. Next Glass creates a “taste profile” by identifying your current favourite beer and wines, as well as your preferred flavours and textures and matches this against the apps database of beverages. Read more.