Everything you need to know about what went down in media and marketing this week, which has had a distinct feel good factor about it. From Facebook inviting you to feel good with a suite of new health tracking apps, to more effective engagement with online advertising thanks to viewability … on the way you can feel good about Kevin finding his pet iguana courtesy of HP and how if you’re a retailer you can feel good about boosting your fitting room traffic with beacon technology. If that wasn’t enough, there’s nothing like the inclusion of smartphone and tablet figures into a combined audience measurement metric to make you feel good … plus some feel good vibes from your favourite podcast team as we talk Comms Planning and YouTube’s Brandcast. Feeling better already? Of course you are

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Facebook planning to enter the healthcare field

Facebook is reportedly planning to develop health tracking and monitoring platforms and apps. The healthcare plans are said to include ‘preventative care’ apps as well as online support communities that connect Facebook users suffering from the same conditions. Read more.

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Crackdown on Ad Fraud

Ad viewability is the most talked about topic at the moment. The IAB is pencilling a Q4 release for guidelines that will state the length of a video ad a user needs to have seen before it can qualify as an impression, making buying inventory across the web comparable with more traditional media. This baseline video standard will follow April’s release of the IAB’s “Viewable Impressions Guidelines”, which state that 50 per cent of the pixels in a desktop display banner should be visible for one second to count as an impression. What this means for advertisers is they should expect less ad wastage with more effective engagement, making digital an even more effective way of reaching the right target audience. Read more.

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When a crafty 6 year old uses HP to find his lost Iguana, skies the limit

This is the kind of kid you want on your side if something goes awry. When Kevin’s pet iguana Ralph goes missing, he doesn’t just tack up a handful of fliers in his neighborhood, he uses every HP product he can get his hands on to bring his beloved iguana home. Read more.

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Retailers bringing in the cash with beacons installed in shops

Retailers in the US have seen increased fitting room traffic, increased brand awareness and sales lifts from using beacons. Talk to the Sandbox team to start pioneering the retail space in Australia! Read more.

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Nielsen to launch Mobile and Tablet Measurement Tool in 2015

For those of you who haven’t heard Nielsen has retained the tender as the preferred IAB digital audience measurement service in Australia.
This is a big step for Mobile because within the Nielsen measurement tool both Smartphone and Tablet audiences will be included alongside desktop for the first time. Read more.