In a recent interview, new managing director of News UK Commercial, Dominic Carter, said that marketers might have moved too far towards digital platforms and that at some point they will start coming back to traditional media. Marketers, he said, are often tempted by shiny new platforms like Facebook, Google, Snapchat, Apple. The newspaper industry has learned it must work with these platforms (for distribution) and against them (for ad revenue).

Part of the way to do this is by better presenting its own strenght: for example, consumers in the US visit Facebook 40 times per day on average, spending a total of 40 minutes on the social network site. When someone reads [a newspaper] they might do it for up to 45 minutes, and that provides a uniqe value for advertisers.

With digital ad spend already ecplising that on print media, publishers do need to find news way of competing for marketing budgets. In Sweden, digital spending is forcasted to grow by 5 % in 2016, with print media losing another 5 %. The trend has been going on for years now and does not seem to be slowing down. If newspapers and magazines want to survive, they need to find new ways of attracting investments. Outlining and promoting their unique advantages would be a good start.