Originally published on Mumbrella.

Red Rock Deli has launched its pop up store today giving customers the ability to create their own personalised packet of chips.

Created by PHD, The Origin Agency and Soap the new pop up store will be able to promote a specific flavour of chips depending on the stock levels in the store.

With the use of PHD’s real-time sales data, Red Rock Deli will be ale to tailor sales messages based on customer demand.

“The campaign represents a great opportunity to use live information from the store to inform how we serve our ads to improve the consumer experience and accuracy of product availability,” Lauren Mather, brand manager at Red Rock Deli, said in a statement.

Stephanie Douglas-Neal, executive group business director at PHD, said in a statement: “Creating an algorithmic solution that ensures we’re optimising our campaign to in-store demand triggers will allow us to deliver consumer cut-through that’s disproportionate to the media budget.”


  • Client: PepsiCo
  • Media Agency: PHD
  • Digital Agency: SOAP
  • PR: Origin Agency