M&M Global spoke to a number of mobile marketing experts, including Rohan Tambyrajah, innovation director within PHD’s Global Strategy Unit on how opportunity knocks for advertisers in the global ‘decade of mobile’ with countless opportunities yet to be exploited.

According to recent figures from the IAB Mobile Marketing Centre of Excellence, as part of its global mobile revenue study released in August, global mobile ad spend almost doubled during 2013 to reach $19.3bn, up 92% year on year.

The phrase “mobile first” has now entered the lexicon for global media agencies and mobile companies alike in explaining a territory that has jumped desktop as a primary digital advertising platform and moved direct to mobile.

Rohan Tambyrajah, global innovation director in PHD’s Global Strategy Unit, says there is an imperative to recognise how consumers are getting online: “The next 100m to join the internet will be mobile-first. There are developing markets that have skipped whole stages of technological evolution and gone straight to mobile.”

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