On 4th May 2018, PHD decided to close its computers and embarked on a journey to discover the company and get to know the team better. It kicked off with a session where PHDers learned more about the company’s values, its vision, and its people. To encourage cross-agency bonding, established teams were broken up and reborn with people with intentionally different personalities and tasked with different group building exercises.

Based on PHD’s personality diagnostic challenger quiz,  teams were built to include all 10 challenger types, whilst aligning them across the spectrum of PHD’s core values (Openness, Curiosity, Collaboration, Creativity and Courage) to show how each strengthens PHD in our mission to drive the business to become the agency of the future.

In the afternoon, the final challenge began, the PHD Cookoff!

In the competition kitchen provided by Cookyn, teams were re-divided, to ensure that everyone had a chance to interact. Each team were given a key ingredient, a method to cook it and an icon innovator they had to base their dish on, such as Elon Musk, JK Rowling, Beethoven etc. Having been given 90-minutes to create their dish, every team worked successfully with what they had and showed how they “found a better way”.

“The PHD Day out was a fantastic day that showcased the best of our team – creativity, collaboration and a great bunch of people having a lot of fun accomplishing tasks together. It was also really interesting seeing how the different Challenger types worked together to find so many different ways to accomplish tasks. We didn’t see a repeated pasta tower design (one of the tasks) across all teams, and we saw a wide variety of dishes and presentation formats during the Masterchef challenge. That’s a great testament to the creativity we have here in Singapore”

Ronnie Thomas | Head of Strategy & Planning | PHD Singapore