The Singapore Mob-Ex Awards 2018 took place in early February, whereby PHD and Volkswagen took home Silver – Location Based Marketing for their ‘Emotive Automotive’ campaign. So how did a standard brand campaign turn into an unquestionable data win for our agency?

Car ownership is no easy feat in the Lion City. This year, new regulations stipulate that the number of cars allowed on the road will be flat – no new permits are issued unless an old one is retired. For Singaporeans, buying a car is the second most expensive purchase they will make after buying a house.

With such high costs involved, PHD knew that emotions would come into play. We needed to determine how buyers were feeling. To do this, we leveraged PHD’s proprietary planning tool, Source, along with supplementary research.

We then translated the consumer’s emotional state into targeting opportunities, with our research enabling us to identify consumers’ locations when various emotions were triggered.

With its audience’s emotions mapped and targeted, PHD Singapore challenged branding status quo with a media-first KPI of footfall. The results were immediate.

VW successfully leveraged emotions paired with location data to speak with consumers at exactly the right time. Optimisation across thousands of individual locations enabled PHD to up-weight clusters that proved to be most effective. Footfall reporting could be measured, to show clearly how digital drove quantifiable bodies to the VW dealership.

The success was so great that Volkswagen extended the original six-month run to the end of the year. They have also begun planning to renew the campaign for the entire 2018.

“Our data-led approach, powered by location, has re-defined the way we measure the success of our digital media. Our always-on approach to driving footfall to our dealerships has led to a 160% increase in prospective customers in-store over the course of the year. This has also positively impacted sales. Revenue numbers demonstrated an ROI of 1000x, signaling an immensely successful campaign. We will continue to prioritize the use of location data for targeting as well as measurement into 2018.

Jamie Lee | General Manager, Marketing and Communications | Volkswagen Group Singapore