This story was first published on Scoop

Spark PHD has turned a bad day into a good day for unsuspecting motorists in a humorous and engaging parking ticket stunt, as part of its promotion for upcoming Walt Disney Studios film Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day.

To promote the launch of the film, Spark PHD placed hundreds of what looked like parking tickets onto cars at Sylvia Park Shopping Centre, Auckland. On further inspection, the recipient realised that it was not a parking ticket but a free ticket to see the film, or a plane ticket with a value of up to $200.

Kelly Beange, Media Director at Spark PHD, says: “We all know the feeling you get when you see that white piece of paper tucked under your windscreen wiper, so we wanted to take that emotion and flip it on its head. Across the agency we are always looking for creative ways for our clients to engage with audiences, and we knew this was an opportunity for us to have some fun.”

Capturing the stunt on film, as well as the public’s comical reactions, the promotional activity struck a chord with motorists who were all too familiar with the dreaded feeling of being hit with a fine.

Susan Leigh, Marketing Manager at Walt Disney Studios NZ, says: “We had a great reaction from motorists on the day, who were all great sports, and we’re thrilled with the response from people who have seen the video.”