Geri Hsu

General Manager, PHD Taiwan

Geri Hsu

Geri has over 16 years of diverse experience, working across the marketing industry in both Taiwan and China. She has worked with numerous international brands to strengthen the performance of their marketing communications, as well as led teams to deliver outstanding solutions and campaigns for their clients.

1999   Geri is appointed as Associate Planning Director at Zenith Optimedia Group Taiwan, where she strengthens her practical experience in the media and marketing industry.

2005   After spending years to enrich both her professional knowledge and experience, Geri joined Initiative as the Planning Director

2008  Geri joined Mindshare Shanghai as Partner

2011   Geri was made the Deputy General Manager for Zenith Optimedia Group Shanghai.

2019  PHD Taiwan appoints Geri as General Manager to lead the team in finding a better way for Taiwan’s media communications market.