As Mark Holden, PHD’s worldwide strategy and planning director, and Kevin Kelly, Wired co-founder and author, prepare to take to the main stage at this year’s Cannes Lions, the pair found some time to catch up prior to the session to discuss the future of tech, a protopian future and the concept of how when tech succeeds, it becomes invisible, not invasive and intrusive, such as Netflix recommendations based on your viewing habits.

Mark and Kevin also discuss the future of personalisation and the potential of personalising ads to ensure relevancy to the audience, an idea explored by PHD in the agency’s latest publication “Sentience: The Coming AI Revolution and the Implications for Marketing”.  Sentience addresses the concept that in the future decision making will be left to VPAs and marketers will have to adapt and learn how to advertise to an algorithm instead of individuals.

The seminar ‘Predestination’ takes a deeper look into Virtuality (VR) and Cognifying (AI) and coincides with the launch of Kevin’s latest book “The Inevitable”, which explores the 12 “inevitable” technological forces that will revolutionise the way we buy, work, learn and communicate with each other.  

Watch the interview in full now, and view Predestination on Cannes Lions YouTube channel until Saturday 2nd July.